Teriha Art Advisory provides visionary new ways for creating important fine art moments in unexpected places, like luxury brand collaborations, hospitality and public spaces.

With a focus on art history and creating lasting value,
Teriha is also passionate about creating meaningful art collections for private individuals and corporations through
carefully selected art acquisitions.

Her latest ventures have focused on strategic consultations for companies who are seeking to optimize their businesses while navigating the complexities of the art world.


Lovely to meet you.

 Photo by Florence Holdeman

Photo by Florence Holdeman

Teriha Yaegashi


Teriha Yaegashi is exceptionally unique among other art advisors for the breadth of skills she's acquired from excelling in multiple industries (including International Marketing, Hospitality, Project Management, Social Media), which is complimented by her intimate knowledge of art history and the art market, with over a decade of experience in the arts. She offers a unique approach and philosophy to her work, which is rooted in balancing vision and building lasting value. 

Teriha graduated with distinction in Art History and Psychology from Columbia University (B.A., Columbia College) and traversed the globe while working for Takashi Murakami as his Collection Management and Art Market Tracking lead (among other roles).

She founded Teriha Art Advisory in 2013 and the New Art Advisors Alliance in 2016, which has earned worldwide press and praise. Teriha has been a longtime member of the Guggenheim Young Collector's Council, the Museum of Modern Art, and is a Founding Friend of the Whitney Museum. She has been committed to art since her first internship as a high school student at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and now takes every opportunity to mentor younger people interested in working in the arts.