Coaching + Strategic Consultations for Artists

Unique from many other art coaches, Teriha has worked with
many international artists (from blue chip to emerging,) 
on real, art world projects (including: corporate commissions,
city-wide public art projects, gallery exhibitions, international art fairs,
sales, charity auctions, and more) -- and now, she's here to help you.

Due to high demand, Teriha has started
affordable artist coaching + strategic consultation sessions.
Each session is designed around your portfolio of work, and will help you
create a concrete plan, so you can better reach your goals.


ARtist COACHING (50 min) - $150 

These brief, one-on-one consultation sessions are specially designed to address the complexities of being a professional artist, and generally tackle one or two broad topics of your choosing. This may include: a portfolio review, pricing, how to better engage your market, professional feedback on approaches or ideas, editorial review of artist statements or website, or any other question you have. Sessions are customized to you and the advancement of your artistic career. For artists who work better by having accountability and deadlines, or are wanting to address a broad number of topics, booking multiple sessions in advance is recommended. 


artist CONSULTATION (90 Min + custom report) - $350

These in-depth, one-on-one consultation sessions are specially designed to address how to best achieve your specific goals. Generally begins with a brief portfolio review, followed by strategic advisement, usually related to a number of topics or issues of your choosing (eg, upcoming exhibition planning, how to increase sales, how to increase commercial opportunities, how to create new career opportunities, etc). Sessions are customized to you and the advancement of your artistic career

Within 24 hours, you will also receive a 2-3 page written summary of your session with concrete action points, and links to additional resources

I felt like [Teriha] knew me before our first session even started. It was like she could read my mind. I felt very comfortable speaking openly and frankly with her, and loved that she gave me concrete steps to follow.
— L.C. (Israel)
It’s great getting an objective opinion. It’s good to hear honest feedback and get a clearer sense of direction. I found the session encouraging, and the written takeaways are really helpful to refer back to.
— S.L. (New York)
I tend to have a lot of crazy ideas, so it was good to get a real professional, insider’s perspective before shooting myself in the foot with industry folks. This also helped me to new see market opportunities that I hadn’t considered before.
— H.R. (Aspen)
Thanks to Teriha, I’ve been getting more commission requests and am seeing increased sales. She’s my go-to for major strategy questions.”
— M.Y. (New York)
Although I’ve been making art for a while, planning an international exhibition was entirely new to me – pricing, logistics, budgeting, all of it. Teriha laid out all the steps, and even helped me refine the exhibition concept and installation plans. It was incredible. Compared to other consultants, she’s also very affordable and I really appreciated that.
— A.K. (New York)