Teriha is featured in OBSERVER CULTURE | SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, Room 4101

Teriha is curating an exhibition inside Spring/Break Art Show, New York City's curator-driven art fair, along with other art consultants Ella Marder, Juliette Premmereur, and Lara Pan. Their exhibition features kinetic sculptures by Charlotte Becket, which was very favorably reviewed by the Observer: 

"More edgy art could be found deeper into the fair via the booth of curators Teriha Yaegashi, Juliette Premmereur, Ella Marder, Lara Pan, who brought the compelling wall works of UK-born artist Charlotte Becket to the fair. Kinetic art is making a comeback in galleries right now as a strong alternative to painting, and Nag, 2014, by Ms. Becket is a great example of how more artists are starting to experiment with movement in their work. The bulbous, convulsing silicone—which looks like a half machine, half organism hybrid—probably sums up our exciting, frightening age better than any other work you’ll see.

But at Spring Break, old-fashioned oil paintings, digital videos, scattershot performances, photography installations and plugged in artworks all hold equal weight, making this fair an enjoyable break from whatever dominant trend you’re looking to escape from. " -- Observer