Advising on Strategy and Growth


The Billboard Creative (TBC) is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that takes over unused billboards with the help of partner institutions, and transforms LA billboards into public art displays. Teriha was approached to join the TBC by award-winning photographer, Mona Kuhn, who at the time, was curating The Billboard Creative's artistic submissions for a public exhibition across Los Angeles billboard, scheduled to open in late 2015. The exhibition opened in December with many press features and accolades. 

As a non-profit organization, everything at TBC is entirely volunteer-based, so the organization was seeking to expand its presence and reach a wider audience. Teriha loved the idea of making exceptional art effortlessly accessible to the public, and she joined the board as an advisor. Teriha helps shape the direction and strategic growth for the future of The Billboard Creative. 

The next project for TBC seeks to create a Los-Angeles-wide exhibition highlighting young Cuban artists.